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State Champs, Baby!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

At the USD Sanford Coyote Sports Center in Vermillion SD, 32 teams entered and brought a level of play previously unseen in the state. All teams from all organizations were awesome by scoring 100 or more in over 22 teamwork challenge matches.

Team 57069Z, "The Cyber Scruncheeez", a new elementary division team formed 6 months ago set the bar high early and won the Robot Skills Championship with the highest score in South Dakota dethroning the previous skills champions, team 57069W "The Wolves" which ended up in second place with only one point separating the two teams.

Not to be outdone, "The Wolves" won the coveted Teamwork Challenge and were awarded the Elementary Excellence Award. Surprising many, "The Cyber Scruncheeez" were also awarded the Design Award and the STEM award. And our youngest team, 57069G "Gadget Girls" was awarded the sportsmanship award.

Combined, ROV teams won 6 awards out of the 10. The wins also provide 3 invitations to the VEX IQ World Championships for teams "The Wolves", "The Cyber Scruncheeez", and 57069J "Jack in the Bots". (We're still waiting for the later 2 invitations, but they are expected soon).

We also have 4 teams going to the US Open: "The Wolves", "The Cyber Scruncheeez", "Jack in the Bots", and 57069M "Illuminati".

Congratulations to all ROV teams. You did a great job. We're so proud of you and looking for more great things from you next year.

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