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Key Volunteers

LD Herrera (Executive Director & Coach)

  • Over 3 decades in the Information Technology field including 2 decades managing his own business

  • Experienced and Nationally Licensed Soccer Coach

  • Education: BS in Marketing, MS in Cybersecurity Technology, PhD in Cyber Defense (actively pursuing)

Colleen Herrera (Coach)

  • Retired US Air Force specializing in communications and electronics with service at the White House and high security facilities.

  • Experienced Scout Leader - Cub Scouts, BSA (Girls Troop Leader)

  • Experienced VEX IQ Coach / VEX World Championship Trained Judge

  • Education: BS in Information Technology

Teresa Chasing-Hawk (Coach)

  • Math Instructor at the University of South Dakota (USD).

  • Education: MA in Mathematics, MA in Education

Brandon Schapekahm (Coach)

  • Graphic User Interface Designer

  • Education: BS in Media Arts and Animation

We Need You, Too!

Jason Reasoner (Coach)

Geoffrey Gray-Lobe (Coach)

Emanuel "Manny" Vena (Coach)

  • Sr. Applications Developer / Team Lead

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