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Starting the 2021-2022 Season with WINS

Vermillion, SD – Saturday, November 13, 2021, nine Robotics of Vermillion (ROV) teams participated in the first tournament of the year which just happened to be hosted by Robotics of Vermillion. This event brought 32 VEX IQ teams together divided into two divisions: The Elementary School division and the Middle School division. The divisions are not separated by whether or not the students are in elementary school or middle school. Instead, because this is a worldwide competition and different countries organize their schools differently, the divisions are divided by birth date.

Team 57069R "Rising Robots " was the big winner of the day. They, a first year all-girl team, were awarded the Elementary divisions's top awards, the Excellence Award and the Teamwork Championship Award. Team 57069B "Mechanical Building Brick", a first year team, was awarded the Elementary Division Judges Award.

Team 57069W "The Wolves", starting their fourth year together, was awarded the Middle School Division Teamwork Championship Award and the Middle School Robot Skills Champion Award.

As a result of their wins, teams 57069R and 57069W both qualified for the VEX IQ US Open. The registration fees of $450 for each team is paid by donations to Robotics of Vermillion.

The robotics regular season continues with tournaments in Harrisburg on Dec 11th, in Canton on January 15th, Council Bluffs on January 22nd, the State Championship in Vermillion on February 12th. At least three ROV teams will represent the state of South Dakota at the VEX IQ US Open in Council Bluffs on April 4th-6th. The season concludes at the World Championships on May 8th – May 12th.

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