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Success @ Marrs in Omaha

We sent 5 teams to the Marrs Falcon VEXIQ Tournament. In Nebraska events, tournaments are separated by age group. Because of great success at a previous tournament, team 57069W The Wolves was asked to play up in the middle school division. Also playing in the middle school division was our only middle school team 57069J Jack in the Bots. In the elementary division, our teams were 57069F Short Fuse, 57069M Illuminati, and 57069Z Cyber Scruncheeez.

Competition in the middle school division was strong with 57069W ending up in 4th place and 57069J taking 9th place before the finals. While a win was not in the cards, both teams took advantage of the opportunities to learn from their competitors.

In the elementary division, 57069F finished in second place with 57069M and 57069Z taking 5th and 6th respectively before finals. Fortunately, 57069M and 57069Z were paired together in the finals and produced a win for both teams in the Tournament Championship.

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