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Success @ Harrisburg

Saturday was another wonderful day for a tournament. Five ROV team traveled to Harrisburg, SD to join 31 other teams in competition at the 4th Annual Harrisburg VEX IQ Competition. The day started out a little rough with the Illuminati robot falling in the parking lot and breaking into many pieces. With a few teams working together, the robot was reconstructed allowing it to compete.

In South Dakota events, tournaments are not separated by age group. All teams compete against each other. We were very happy to find that our 3rd grade team 57069G Gadget Girls provided a solid performance in the skills competition coming in 7th place and beating several middle school teams which should get them an invitation to the State Tournament.

Our other teams included 57069W The Wolves, 57069F Short Fuse, 57069M Illuminati, and 57069Z Cyber Scruncheeez. While all teams performed very well finishing the Teamwork challenge qualifying rounds in 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th places, team 57069W won a trifecta of the tournament's top awards including the Teamwork Challenge Championship, the Excellence Award, and the Robot Skills Champion Award..

Our middle school team opted to travel to Omaha for the St Robert Bellarmine School VEX IQ Competition Middle School tournament where they tested out a new robot. While they are still working the bugs out, they were able to post their best scores of the season and came in third place in the Teamwork Challenge.

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