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Preparing for State with wins at CB

Saturday January 30th, 2021. Three ROV teams traveled down to Council Bluffs Iowa for the Jr. Jacket Robotics Rise Above Vex IQ Tournament. This was a blended tournament where elementary and middle school teams played in one division.

Team 57069J Jack in the Bots did not fare very well in the Robot Skills Challenge or the Teamwork Challenge and where they did not make it into the finals. But it was an important event because they saw the robot from team 985B Spartans. This robot had a clasp at the top of its lift that held risers in place while prevented them from falling. This idea would be to prepare for the SD state tournament in the following week.

Elementary team 57069 The Equalizers put on a show and performed exceptionally well in the Teamwork Challenge. They came in tied for 2nd place in the finals.

Middle School team 57069W The Wolves won the Robot Skills Challenge and the Design Award.

It was a great tournament and gave our teams guidance as they prepared for the state Tournament.

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