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2021 State Champs

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This weekend, Robotics of Vermillion teams rose to the challenge at the 2020-2021 South Dakota State Tournament.

Stepping into the spotlight this year was ROV 57069C “Cyborg Tigers”, a pair of 3rd grade students who worked together to become Teamwork Challenge Champions in the Elementary division. Since September, Mason Tepe of Vermillion and Blake Kilgore of Beresford came together twice a week to design, build, program, and practice scoring in this year’s VEX IQ game, “Rise Above”. This amazing duo edged out more experienced teams with 5th, 6th,and even 7th grade students.

Team ROV 57069E “The Equalizers”, made up of 6th grader Zachary Tweedy-Vena and 7th grader Henry Schulte, also had a great showing in the other major part of the tournament. They achieved a higher score than all other teams and crowned as Robot Skills Champions for the Elementary division.

In the U.S., 7th graders are generally known as middle school students. Because the VEX program is international, the grade in school does not work. Different countries use different criteria for determining elementary, middle, and high school. To overcome this, birth dates are used allowing students across the globe to compete in the proper division.

In the Middle School Division, ROV 57069W “The Wolves”, a team of VMS students Jacob Fischer, Caleb Chasing Hawk, Dominic Herrera, Isaac Mayrose, and Alexander Port won the Excellence Award, the highest judged award. ROV 57069J “Jack in the Bots”, with VMS students Caleb Mayrose, Logan Tepe, Konrad Port, and Elk Point HS student Ethan Port, won the Teamwork Challenge.

With the wins, “Cyborg Tigers”, “The Wolves” and “Jack in the Bots” are invited to represent the state of South Dakota in in the VEX IQ Robotics World Championships.

Robotics of Vermillion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering free youth robotics programs for students in Vermillion, SD and surrounding communities.

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