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ROV Wins at State Competition

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Success at South Dakota VEX IQ Challenge State Championship brings World Championship invitations to both ROV teams.

57069J: Carter Buchholtz, Caleb Buchholtz, and Adrian Sivill

Months of hard work led to success at the South Dakota VEX IQ Challenge State Championship where both ROV teams had there best performances of the year. The ROV elementary team 57069W achieved a season high skills score of 30 with a current world ranking of 154th out of 4211 elementary teams. The ROV middle school team 57069J also achieved their season high skills score of 36 with a current world ranking of 107th out of 3043 middle school teams. Both teams excelled at the teamwork challenge with 57069J bringing home the championship trophy. Due to South Dakota's limited teams, elementary and middle school teams are competitors. In neighboring Nebraska and Iowa, the competitions are separate so elementary will only compete against other elementary teams.

“Next year, we aim to bring more teams to the state championship.” - LD Herrera, Executive Director

All teams at the event had great performances showing dedication of all the participants in the state. Each tournament becomes more challenging as competitor teams increase their capabilities. Our teams will spend the next 5 weeks designing, building, programming, and practicing as the teams prepare for the US Open and World Championships in April.

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